About Internal Medicine

h-patientWhen you combine the science of medicine with the focused care of patients as a whole, you have Internal Medicine. The discipline of internal medicine derived out of Germany in the late 1800s and was introduced in the United States in the 20th century as American doctors returned from completing their studies abroad.

Doctors of Internal Medicine are referred to as Internists, not to be confused with interns. Internists are physicians who specifically focus on adult medicine and the prevention, treatment and management of adult diseases. While some internists may provide primary care to their patients, they are not considered “family physicians” because their training is concentrated only on adults and does not include surgical care or obstetrical and gynecological care.

The extensive training Internists have completed allow them to help prevent, treat and manage a wide variety of conditions from the most simple to the most rare and complex of diseases. Internists study the patient as a whole – not just the symptoms, to ensure each patient can achieve and maintain optimum health. Patient education is also on the forefront of internal medicine. It is our goal to ensure our patients have a full understanding of their wellness, condition or disease, so they can make an educated decision about their treatment that will be most beneficial for them.